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Repeat C-section moms

Did you create a birth plan with your requests specifically for your cesarean? There are some things I'd like this time around, like being able to see the baby as it's being delivered and having the baby paced on my chest if possible as quickly as possible. Did you create something or just write down a few of your requests to give to your ob? Sorry for the formatting, I'm bumping from my phone.
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Re: Repeat C-section moms

  • I didn't. But I didn't have any special requests and Cooper came so early I just disnt care as long as he was safe. I woul just ask your OB at your next appointment about these things and if you shoul write them somewhere or how it's handled best. You should be able to talk to your doc even while the c section is happening. Mine said what was going on and said to look when he took him out and all. I don't know if thu can put the baby on your chest is the OR or nor so that's worth talking to your doc about. With Ben they gave him to Steve and he held him right by my head And carried him down to the room and all. With Cooper they let me kiss him and then took him to the NICU an steve stayed with Cooper. So that was a completely different scenario. In each case though there's been no issues with bonding or my milk coming in or anything.
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  • Where are you delivering? I delivered at evergreen and they were really accommodating. I didn't specifically write out a birth plan but before my surgery I just expressed to my nurse that I wanted to breastfeeding right away and have skin to skin contact as soon as possible-which I thought would happen once I got back to my room.
    I was actually really surprised right after the baby was delivered the nurse brought her over and put her on my chest skin to skin. She asked me if I wanted her to be cleaned up first or if I just wanted her right then and I said yes. So they unbuttoned the top of my gown and put her right on me, sort of at the top of my chest right by my face and my husband sort of helped me hold her there. They let me hold her for quite a while and eventually asked me if I wanted to see what she weighed. Then they cleaned her up, weighed her and then my husband held her.
    I was really happy with the way it went since I never got that experience with the twins, I didn't hold either of them until late that night and the next day.
    They had also asked if i wanted to watch through the screen too but i didnt want to! I would just talk to your OB about what your specific requests are and then on that day tell your nurse what you would like to happen.
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  • I didn't have any special requests but as the other girls say talk with your OB...I'm sure they will be happy to accommodate if possible.  With Hayden I developed HELLP so the c section went well but the stuck me on mag afterward which sucked!

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