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Potty Training

3 day PT (I have it & I have a Q)

Does it work?

Did you modify? How?

Any tips?

I'm thinking about attempting this on my next 3 day weekend and need all the help I can get from ppl who've been there.


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Re: 3 day PT (I have it & I have a Q)

  • I didn't buy the 3 day thing but from what I have read from on here it seems kind of like what I did.  A few weeks ago my daughter was always ripping her diaper off as soon as she peed and was always wanting to go into the bathroom.  I decided to ditch the diapers during the day and let her be naked or wear underwear.  I kept the bathroom door open (it is connected to the living room) and if she started to have an accident I would take her on into the bathroom and put her on the toilet.  Even if she was done I sat her there so she could make the connection as I told her this is where she needs to pee.  It really only took her a few times of that before she really got it.  On day 4 she had no accidents and I even took her out in underwear.  I didn't do treats.  She just got tons of praise from us, which she really got a kick out of.

    Have a lot of underwear and towels handy.  If he starts to go on the floor take him right to the bathroom and sit him on the toilet.  With all 3 of my kids it seems like it didn't take too many times for them to understand what they are suppose to do.  My second daughter knew what to do early on but I don't think she was ready for the full commitment so it took her a little longer-we were also going through a lot of things at the time though.   

     I am unsure what to do about nights though.  Since she isn't even 2 yet I will just continue with the diaper at night and limit drinks after dinner. 

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  • Hey can you send me the 3 day PT thing please? [email protected]
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