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16 wks & gained 10 lbs!! Anyone else???

Had my monthly OB appt this am and I've gained 10 lbs so far!!  OB felt that was more on the higher side. 

I was normal weight to start, 5'10" 148 and now I'm 158!!!  

She said watch carbs & fruit.  I had a lot of morning sickness the 1st tri so I would just eat anything that made me feel better.

Anyone else gain around 10 lbs at this point?

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Re: 16 wks &amp;amp; gained 10 lbs!! Anyone else???

  • I have my 16 weeks appt.  in 20 minutes and I think I'm up about that much - my scale at home isnt very reliable, so we'll see based on their scale.

    I'm 5'4'', started at 120 and I think I'm about 129/130.  I'm active, walk at least 5K every day, and I know I'm eating a bit too much but I'll wait and see what my OB has to say.  I don't think 10 lbs is that bad, honestly.

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  • Around 16 weeks I had gained 9 pounds my doctor just told me to watch what I'm eating.

    But only certain foods sound good to me still at this point so I'm going to eat what sounds good. And with my daughter at this point I hadn't gained any weight but at the end I gained 50 pounds. And I was able to lose that weight.

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  • I was up 12 lbs at my 15 week appointment.  Dr didn't seem concerned
  • I am up a bit more than that and dr. didn't seem concerned, actually said I am growing perfectly.....
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  • I have gained 11 in 18 weeks. My doctor did not say anything about my weight.

    I started at 129, and I am now at 140.


  • I was up 8 lbs at 14 weeks and asked the Dr.  He said it was perfectly fine but that most of my weight was going to come in the 3rd tri.  In other words giving me a warning to get ok with the weight gain.  Maybe your Dr just had a backwards way about trying to keep you on pace so you won't feel overwhelmed by the weight gain later on.  Just my thoughts.  I've heard plenty of women who have gained much more in the 1st tri alone. 
  • I was up 12-15 at my 14 week appointment (can't remember, exactly). My OB told me to watch the pacing of my gain. It was okay that I gained 6lbs in 4 weeks, but to cut back on dairy (cheeses, ice cream, etc). Surprisingly, the hunger dissipated in intensity after that appointment. I wasn't really eating cheese, ice cream or other dairy (because of an allergy) and I've only gained 2 lbs since my last appt. We have the big ultrasound appt today and I am a little worried about my weight/comments about the gain.

    I've been told by many women, however, that your body is going to react to being pregnant the way it's going to react. That might mean I gain more weight than I would like, even while eating normal/healthy. But in the end, it works itself out okay and my baby will be healthy. Plus, you'll bounce back after birth (so I hear). I'm trying my darnedest to just enjoy being pregnant. :)

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  • I'm similar to you. Pre-pregnancy 5'10" and 152. At 15 weeks I was 159 but at 16 weeks 162 (lots of salt that week = bloat). At 18 I'm still 162. Given that we started out with a normal BMI (even a little on the skinnier side for you I would say) I think it's totally fine. I'm trying to watch carbs but not too rigorously. And definitely not watching fruits! These are yummy vitamins!
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  • Nope I've dropped 22lbs only gained one back .. ill be 17 weeks tomorrow.. by 18 weeks last time I was up 7 lbs however I weigh the same now as I did at 18 weeks then so kinda in the same place.. im a little over weight for my height
  • I'm 18 weeks and have gained 20.  My doc didn't seem concerned about it.  She actually said my weight was good.  I gained a ton with DD too, but I lost it all.
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  • Yes, I am 15 weeks and have gained 12 pounds. :/  I am trying to pick healthier choices and exercise more.
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  • I am at 8 (and I'm sure that # will show as 10+ on the drs office scale since they won't let me weigh in naked Stick out tongue) and am 16 weeks today.  I am a fatty patty so my mw said not to gain more than 10 by 20 weeks, so I know I am high.  I haven't been exercising at all and haven't been making great food choices, clearly. 

  • I am almost 18 weeks and I have gained around 15lbs...partly because I had to stop running because my m/s was AWFUL and partly because I could only eat "bad" foods while that sick. I have a very slow metabolism. : ( But my Dr. doesn't seem worried, so I am not worried either. It'll all come off in the end anyway!
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  • I had only gained 1 pound when I went to my appointment at 15 weeks. Every woman is different though.
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  • I will be 16 weeks on Thursday and I have gained 2 pounds. Everyone is different though. You might not put on much weight in the rest of the 2nd trimester. Where I know I will gain in the 2nd and 3rd based on my pregnancy with my son.
  • I am 18 weeks and I have gained 10-12 pounds so far.
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  • 13-14 lbs at 14 weeks here!  I've course of got two babies though!  According to my "multiple bible" by Dr. Luke I am actually a little behind because I had a borderline underweight BMI pre-pregnancy.  I wonder what my Dr. is going to say tomorrow when she sees I've gained 6 lbs in a month.  I've surely got the belly to show for it!
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