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moving to the Burlington area

My husband just accepted a job offer in Burlington.  We have a 2 year old and another one on the way and with only 8 weeks before we move up there, I need to research both daycare for my 2 year old and OB care for me. My current OB warned me that it could be very difficult to be get into a practice up there since the number of OBs around the area is pretty small, so I feel I can't wait too long to line something up.

Are there any recommendations for daycare and/or OB doctors? Any opinions about hospitals in the area and their care?

Unfortunately, we don't know where we'll be living yet (and probably won't know until we get up there to look at rental properties) but will most likely we'll be within ~20 min of Burlington. I would greatly appreciate any thoughts or opinions, at least as a starting point to relieve some of this stress.

Re: moving to the Burlington area

  • Hello,

    I was born and raised in Burlington. Its a great town and there are plenty of doctors around. Most of the OBs in the area deliver at Winchester Hospital and I know Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates in Burlington has some that deliver in Boston. Winchester has a very good reputation and is fairly close by. Lahey Clinic is in Burlington but they don't do maternity.


    Hope this helps you. Good luck! 

  • There is Burlington O/B which is great, and all the doctors there deliver at Winchester. Also Concord OB/GYN and they deliver at Emerson Hospital in Concord. Both hospitals are wonderful and have great reputations. I don't think you will have much trouble finding an OB. I switched late in my pregnancy without any problem.
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  • I'm not in Burlington but I'm not that far away, and I have had no trouble finding OB's who are accepting patients, I really don't think it'll be a problem.
  • Thanks so much for the ideas! This will be a great start and I'm already feeling a little calmer :)
  • I go to Concord OBGYN, and I love them! 
  • LOVE Harvard Vanguard in Burlington!  They have been so wonderful and it's an all women staff I believe. 
  • Hi there!  Another Burlington native here.  I went to Burlington OB/GYN.  Drs. Rotolo and Friedman are great.  I am totally in love with Winchester Hosp.  Had 2 kids there.  Nurses and lactation consultant were especially awesome. 

     As for daycares, my son goes to Burlington Day Care, Inc. (39 B Street, Burlington, (781) 272-5845)  It's a non-profit so it's not very "corporate", which I liked.  It seemed more reasonably priced than other locations.  We've been happy with having your son there.  We also checked out and liked World of Learning, and I have heard good things about Inch-by-Inch (just over the Bedford line) and the YMCA in Woburn by the new courthouse, just over the Burlington line.

    Also, just FYI, I'm part of a great mother's group in Burlington.  It's Mother-to-Mother.  We organize lots of play dates, moms' nights out and children's classes.  It's especially great for out of town women to meet people in town.  Good to keep in mind for the future.

     Lastly, I'm a real estate agent in Burlington so please feel free to let me know if you have any questions out renting or buying in the area. It's definitely a terrific place to raise a family.  Congrats on all fronts!

     Best wishes,


  • I love Harvard Vanguard in Burlington! They have a pharmacy right there too!


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