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Any other stores with cloth diapering?

I just saw the post on New Mother New Baby.  So excited that there's a store in the area with CD supplies. 


Any other stores you guys know of?  

Re: Any other stores with cloth diapering?

  • mmksmmks member
    Be By Baby has CDing supplies and a class for newbies!  The prices are comparable to amazon.

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  • Giggle also has Cloth Diapers and supplies though they only carry one brand. I know at one point they also offered classes but a very quick scan of their website I didn't see that link anymore (They just offered a CD class not even a month ago so it hasn't been too long)

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  • Belly Bum is great too.  I think there's one in Naperville?  We did the class at giggle and really liked it-we don't use their prefolds, but do like the Bambino Mia covers a lot.
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  • Besides New Mother New Baby, I've only ever been to Be By Baby.  It's awesome there, and their CD class was wonderful and informative.  But it's in the city, and if you live in the 'burbs, it can be a little bit of a pain to get to.
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  • Bellybum Boutique in Lincoln Square

  • There is a store in Orland Park called Cutie Poops and Bottoms.  The store is large with a huge selection.  The store owner seems really nice and informed.   They do a cloth diaper trial if you are interested in one, and I bought my entire stash there.

    14910 S. LaGrange Road
    Orland Park, IL 60462

    (708) 873-4588

    They also have one in Naperville, which is nice but small and in the downtown area.  It's kind of tricky to find the first time you go, because it's in an odd spot. It's called Comfy Bummy's

    231 S Washington St
    Naperville, IL 60540-4656
    (630) 428-7900

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  • There's a store in Evanston at Main & Chicago that carries cloth diapers. They are a small boutique. I love them! If I'm going to buy anything in person, that's the first place I go. Of course, it also helps that I live within walking distance of the store. :)


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