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Give me ideas for a middle name for Derek

Derek ? Last name start with G and is one syllable.
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Re: Give me ideas for a middle name for Derek

  • James
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  • Michael





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  • Derek Michael

    Derek Shane

    Derek Andrew

    Derek Ryan

    Derek Lucas

    Derek William

    Derek Benjamin

    Derek Wesley

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  • Patrick





  • Alexander







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  • image klaube76:


    or John

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  • James, Lee, John, Anthony, Benjamin, or...


    Erik - JUST KIDDING!

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  • My DH's name is Derek and he has two middle names Travis and James.

    I personally like Derek James the best.  Others you may consider are Thomas, William or Matthew.  As you can see I like classic names.

    What is your DH's fn or mn?  have you considered using one of those as the middle name?

  • Love the name Derek!

    I like it with Andrew or Anthony.

  • DH's first son is named after him (first name only). His middle name is Lawrence, but neither of us are too fond of it. I like Derek James, but it is the name of one of my nephews. Do you guys think Derek Harrison is too much of a mouthful?
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  • My brother's name is Derek and his middle name is Alistair. He loves it and I like it cause its not common and still a nice name. Derekl Alistair. If we had a boy, we were going to have his middle name be Alistair as well!
  • This thread is too funny. My DH is Derek Allen and our last name starts with a G and is often pronounced as one syllable.

    So I suggest Allen :)

  •  Michael
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