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House Hunters

DAMN are these people picky. Holy crap.




ETA: I just mean most of the people on here in general. 4 car garage that has a loft up top for storage and they're complaining about having to back their bigass truck in? Jeeeeez.

Re: House Hunters

  • It drives me crazy when people compliance about cosmetic stuff. I want to yell of you love the layout and the location you can change the orange wall! Lol

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  • ITA. Most people on HHs drive me nuts with their biitching.
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  • Stupid auto correct I meant complain

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  • I used to love that show until I learned it was scripted. (yes, I somehow didn't realize it on my own lol), but now I can't stand it. It makes me sad because I really enjoyed watching it. You're right though, some of them are so freaking nit-picky about the randomest crap!
  • It's probably a result of being a daughter of 2 realtors, but I CAN'T FVCKING STAND these shows. 

    And yet I watch them all the time.

    Paint color wrong?  Don't like the furniture? Want brand new rook, appliances, finished basement and cheap? Get over yourselves!!!!!!!

    We spend a lot of time yelling at the TV in our house.  

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  • I don't have HGTV anymore so that's usually what I watch at the gym.  HH International is usually on and one time these people seriously passed up their dream vacation home over $20,000.  For real.  They "settled" for the cheaper one with the crappy view and all kinds of other shiit they hated.

    My favorite is always when they complain about the furniture.  Pretty sure that shitty furniture isn't going to be there when you close on the house, douchebags.

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