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Video monitor went bad after only 3 months!!!

I have the Summer infant day & night video monitor because on New Years Eve I accidentally dropped our other one and shattered it (I know... I know....)

I tried to turn the monitor on (tv style monitor) and it's not getting power at all! Tried different outlets etc nothing worked.

What a piece!  I'm going back to Target tomorrow in hopes that it be taken back.  If not then I guess I'll be dealing with the company.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Re: Video monitor went bad after only 3 months!!!

  • Our summer monitor went bad after 6 months and we just called the company. They had us mail back our old one in exchange for a new one. They were pretty easy about it. 
  • Ours had a really loud clicking sound after 9 months of light use. I called the company because there is a 1 year warranty, and their customer service was really nice. They emailed me a prepaid shipping label and I sent them the old one. They sent us a complete brand new one upon confirmation that the old had shipped. It took a few days, but we had a sound only monitor on hand anyway. After 3 months, I'd skip target and deal directly with them.
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  • I've read a ton of posts on here and regular reviews that the Summer brand monitors aren't worth the money. We just got a Samsung Color monitor  marketing for babies  It regularly retails for @$300, but we got it at a promo,test market price of $150 at Sams Club. So far we really like. It has night vision and also a music mode and a night light feature. It's a ittle pricier than the Summer one, but at least it won't be going out or breaking within a years time.

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  • I called their customer service and got a replacement one sent free.

  • I hated our Summer. Gave it away and bought a Uniden 
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