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Confession before I go to bed

I eat all.night.long.  Everytime I get up to pee, I eat something.  A small pack of fruit snacks, small bowl of jello, pudding cup, tea biscuits, something.  I literally can't go back to sleep unless I get up, pee and snack on something.  About 4 or 5 times a night.  And it is all junk food.  All of it. 

I'm only up 30-something pounds too, by some miracle.  But yeah, I stuff myself before i go to sleep and then eat all night. 


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Re: Confession before I go to bed

  • I don't eat in the middle of the night but from dinner time until I go to bed I snack on something every time I get up to pee as well.  Ice cream, chili cheese corn chips, frosting, cereal bars.. cereal and milk.. popcorn.. hmmmm
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  • I did the same with DD, though it was all day and all night once I hit third tri. If I didn't eat at least some crackers every hour or two I'd become so famished I'd feel sick.

    I gained 50 lbs, so you are definitely doing fine.

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  • I have no idea how you manage to be that awake to eat something! I am a zombie when I get up to pee. But I do think it's funny that you sneak a snack every time. You go girl
  • Confession: 

    Wee, I've had the Irish jello in my fridge and haven't yet eaten it. 

    I'm afraid.  

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  • I didn't do this while pregnant. I do it now. I keep saying it's from bf but it might just be a convenient excuse.
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  • I was getting up to pee constantly.  I would stumble out of the bed, plop myself down, get up and go right back to bed.  Most of the time I didn't even open my eyes.
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