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Good books for a LOOOOONG flight?

We're moving to Australia in a few weeks, and I'm dreading the 27 hours of travelling it's going to take us to get there. I'll be flying with DD all by myself. I'm trying to find a couple of good books to bring for DD (among many other things) that will keep her entertained and interested. We have a couple of those "first word" books with lots of different pictures and those seem to keep her entertained - when we first got them she could look at them for hours, though now they've lost their novelty. She also likes more interactive books with flaps, etc.

Does anyone have any good book recommendations for books that could keep a very active toddler occupied for, say, 27 hours or so? Or at least 20 minutes? Any ideas would be hugely appreciated - I'm desperate!

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Re: Good books for a LOOOOONG flight?

  • My DD loves Tails - many things to feel, open, and move.
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  • DS loves "Super Hero Me" by Karen Katz.  It's a touch and feel book.  He also likes Good Night, Gorilla.  I don't have a smartphone myself but when my sister comes over, she has let him play with a fish tank app on her iPhone.  Apps may be a last ditch back up just in case.  That's a long trip.  Good luck to you on your move! 

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  • holy cow! I have been complaining about my upcoming 3 hour flight. I will be shutting up now


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  • DS has a farm book (and there is a jungle book too) that has a wheel on the first pg, then various pull outs and a couple flaps.

    The little people book we have has tons of flaps

    Although may not be best for a plane, ds loves ones that make noise.

     We also have a baby einstin baby thats something about baby's day and each page has a mirror. baby does xyz, can you do xyz... (and then there is a mirror on the oppsosit page)

    finger puppet books

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  • we *really* like the Llama Llama books by Anna Dewdney. And Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems. And the Cats and Dogs book - by the same guy who did Tails. Baz will stare at the My First Truck Board Book for hours - maybe not trucks for your daughter, but one of those that's lots of photographs on one page. Also - we have one called Collect Raindrops by Nikki McClure that he flips through over and over and over. It's gorgeous.

    If you pick up The Read-Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease, there's a list in the back of amazing books to read to your kid - at all ages.

    also - get a big blank book and a box of crayons. Good luck!

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  • Rolly Polly Pangolin by Anna Dewdney (Llama books author) is DD's fav right now to read. She also loves the Just Go To Bed (Little Critter book) by Mercer Mayer. As far as books she can look at herself her favs right now are this: and (this one is part of a whole series)

  • Can you get a portable DVD player? I flew to Australia with DS by myself a couple of months ago and also flew with him to the UK in the last few weeks - it was a life saver. We took lots of books too, but the DVD player (actually we had an iPad, but same difference) was awesome.
  • I wouldn't plan in bringing a ton of books. They're heavy, and you don't get a lot of entertainment out of each one. I'd bring a handful that you know she adores Anne could listen to over and over. DD's favorite is an old book originally published in the '60's called "Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb" -- every kid I know who's heard it loves it. It's on amazon (don't get the board book version -- it's missing pages). I also recommend sticker books -- amazon has a bunch that are really small and only $1 or $1.50 each. Also if your DD is into coloring at all, get an aqua doodle and maybe also a magna doodle. And -- for that long a flight! -- maybe also those color wonder markers and paper. Also -- lots and lots of snacks (more than you think she could eat in a week!!!). We just today flew with DD for the first time. OH! And my biggest recommendation -- find some way to let her watch TV on the flight. My DD sat still and watched Elmo for nearly two hours! Even if you don't normally approve of TV, you might want to allow it for the flight!!!
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  • Oh dear lord, that is a looong flight! 

    DD favorite books are the Sandra Boynton books, the Goodnight ______ (Moon, a city, etc) books,  Brown Bear, a bunch of little Elmo books we have.... any new books are usually good.


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