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Toddlers: 12 - 24 Months

Need food ideas...

What do you feed your child? I have a picky eater on my hands and I jusy want more ideas, thanks!
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Re: Need food ideas...

  • staples in our house include....pb sandwiches, nutella sandwiches, chix fingers, GOLDFISH!, mac-n-cheese, DD loves the dole fruit cups (juice drained), hummus, pierogies....all pretty standard, but anxious to see other replies....HTH.


  • Apples, Bananas, pretzels dipped in PB...grilled cheese (with some veggie puree on it for some nutritional value & usually a slice of ham or turkey), scrambled eggs with veggies (put them in the food processor and do them SUPER fine & LO won't even notice), yogurt (i buy the yobaby with veggie & fruit), mac & cheese, gold fish, hummus and veggies (he loves steamed pea pods)...

    I started letting LO dip put a small blob of ketchup or ranch on his plate & he'll dunk things in there to eat. For some reason he LOVES to dip.

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  • Are you looking for specific meal options? We regularly give DS: waffles w/ pb & nutella, pancakes w/ butter & syrup, yogurt, fruit purees, waffles w/ butter and fruit puree, scrambled egg w/ cheese, hard boiled eggs, nutrigrain bars, grilled cheese, ham cheese & crackers, wheat thin sticks, goldfish/cheese crackers, hummus on a whole wheat tortilla w/ shredded cheese (folded in half like a sandwich), steamed veggies w/ butter, avocado slices, banana slices, apple slices, baby carrots and celery w/ hummus, banana w/ pb & nutella spread on it, stir fry veggies w/ rice, pizza, pasta w/ meat sauce, mashed potatoes, sweet potato, I could go on...

    DS eats basically whatever we eat for dinner. DS also has a medical condition that requires him to be on a very high calorie high fat diet hence so much butter, oil, and cheese lol I've found the trick is to just offer DS everything we eat, we have been shocked at how much he has enjoyed some things that we would have never thought he would like (like grilled salmon) but I'm glad we offered it to him b/c we wouldnt have had any idea that he enjoyed fish.

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  • DD loves this giada recipe

    ...this is the only thing that she complety finishes every single bite.  I make the whole recipe and then put it in baggies in the freezer.  I also add ground turkey in it and more peas and carrots than the recipe calls for so it has more nutritional value.  The Barilla piccolini mini wheels pasta is a hit too.  In addition to the PP, I give her cream cheese on english muffins, string cheese, french toast, waffles (i buy the frozen earth's best)

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