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binky weaning

How did you wean your LO's from the pacifer? My DD's are 16 mths now and only get it for nap and bed. I want to start with nap. Suggestions would be great. I did hear about cutting the nipple down alittle each time and eventually they will not want it. Haven't heard about success stories with that one.

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  • We did the paci snip slowly over a couple weeks. We'd only snip on weekends so if he was super fussy we'd both be able to check on him, versus it all falling on me. In the end it didn't make a difference, he didn't stop wanting them, it just pissed him off that they fell out more easily.

    However, after getting them to about 1/3 of their original size, we said screw it and just took them away on a Friday night (when we'd normally snip more). He fussed a tiny bit and fell asleep. Woke twice during the night, and immediately fell back asleep when DH gave him a bit of water. The next night he woke once the same way. After that, he's STTN completely. We had expected WW3, and got barely a whimper. 

    My suggestion, just do it cold turkey and see how it goes. And I would do naps AND bedtime simultaneously. I think knowing they get it at one time would make it harder the other time. Just not getting it at all makes it easier to forget they exist. 

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  • I cut the binkies out cold turkey at 8 months when they started chucking them out of their cribs at night.

    My honest belief is that "weaning" is more for parents than babies.  I took the binkies away on a Friday - by Monday no problem.  Literally, I collected all of them and put them in the trash.  Guess what?  Babies around the world live without them, no big deal.   I could have weaned for weeks or longer, which means they still know binkies exist and want them, and you're making them have them longer.

    Cold turkey - baby is upset for about 2-3 days and then forgets they ever existed, done.  I'm all for less upset for the baby even though is seems harder on us for those days.  Just my 2 cents though.  :)

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  • I never had to wean DD b/c she gave up her paci at 8 months BUT I saw think I either read or saw on TV somebody snip the ends off of the binkys so they can't get that comforting suction feeling anymore? Sounds mean but they might give it up on their own without it.
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  • i did cold turkey at 6 months because the older they get the harder it is... We had one hell of a week with no binkeys, but after that the boys never looked back!
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