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2 Questions

Okay, just got my Jillian's Drawers trial and I have a couple of questions...

1. Do you remove your inserts from your pocket diapers prior to washing? I am confused, I thought you could just throw them right in the wash but it seems like they wouldn't come out in there.

2. The disposable liners say they can go through three washes... how do they break up when you flush them then? Seems so odd to me.



Re: 2 Questions

  • 1.  I always take the inserts out.  I've been told by others here that sometimes they agitate out, but not knowing when in the wash cycle they did so would bug me (in other words, I'm not convinced that an insert that agitated out at the end of the wash cycle would be as clean as one that did so at the beginning).  If you have AIO (all in one) diapers, then you can just throw the whole thing in there.

    2.  Don't know, sorry.  I imagine it's a time thing, that they don't break down immediately.  It could also have something to do with remaining in extended contact with urine when flushed, which probably helps degrade them.

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  • 1.  Yes.

    2.  They really don't.  Unless you have a good septic system, they shouldn't be flushed. 

  • 1. Yes. If I don't, they often end up in a bunch at the bottom of the pocket

    2. We have a grinder in our house

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