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HUNGER STRIKES - any experience with these?

my son seems to only eat 1 light meal a day these days...i don't know if it's the molars coming in (2 already came in and 2 are breaking through) or if it's the fact he has a fever reaction to a shot last week but it's been about a week of him either being really picky or very unhungry.

how long do hunger strikes usually last? my doc does not seem to be concerned as long as he is drinking fluids but even that seemed to have slowed down in the last 24 hours.


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Re: HUNGER STRIKES - any experience with these?

  • DD goes through these. I think its the teeth. Anyways hers last up to 5-6 days. I give her a packet of carnation instant breakfast to help make up things.
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  • Mine does this every now and then. Although he still drinks a lot, if not more, during these times. When he does eat, I try to make it count by giving him stuff like yogurt, peanut butter on crackers or whole wheat toast or bagel, bananas, carrots dipped in ranch, etc. That way I know he is getting in some calories.
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  • DD went through this about a week and a half ago. She hardly ate anything... I was close to calling the pedi, then we realized she had a very mild stomach bug. Her eating is back to normal now.

    The nurse at the pedi's office told us that when anything is going on in their little bodies, the first thing to go is often eating and that's completely normal. As long as it returns to normal within a week or even two (and your LO isn't dehydrated or anything like that) it's probably either a mild bug or teething.

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