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I just planted some tomatoes, squash, and peppers inside today. Soooo I have gardening on the brain.... do you have plans for a garden this year?

How are you involving your toddler? I just planned to get her some kiddo garden tools and talk about it while we do it, maybe get a book..... 

Any other ideas would be great! 


Little Rose is 2 1/2.

Re: Gardening?

  • yay for spring and gardening!! we do have a garden in the back yard and I've put in a couple tomatoes in the front this year as well.

    We've got tomatoes, potatoes (a great experiment I started over the winter), broccoli (small ones and one plant that I planted in fall that is already bearing), artichokes, lettuces, and green beans.

    I'm planning to put in some strawberries, zucchini, and whatever else catches my eye at the garden store! I get carried away for sure...but I don't have a very green thumb so I figure maybe 60% will actually grow. haha.

    We're involving DS. he helps us water and can point out the different plants. we talk about the various stages they go through and the bugs that are good and the ones that are bad. it's really fun. of course he spends 85% of the time out there pouring water on himself and digging aroudn in the dirt with a stick.

  • DD and I check on our garden every day. We have a tomato, squash. cucumber, eggplant, various bell peppers, strawberry, different herbs, jalepenos, and 2 blueberry bushes. DD "helps" water the plants. She basically sticks her hand in the hose, laughs hysterically, and gets herself soaked. She also likes to sniff the different plants.
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  • DD helped put soil in the pots when we planted our herbs the other day.  It was a mess, but so much fun!  For easter, we got her a garden rake and spade, so she'll be able to participate by imitating me when I'm out there.
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