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Cloth Diapering

Do big fluffy butts delay motor skills?

The thought just popped into my head as I'm stuffing his big pocket diapers.  Most have at least 2 inserts because DS is a heavy wetter so they are bulky.

I love cloth diapering and won't stop doing it, but I was just curious what you ladies think.

Do you think it's possible that the bulk makes it harder to roll, crawl, walk? 

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Re: Do big fluffy butts delay motor skills?

  • I've read that they do delay motor skills but it's only by days..not weeks or anything like that.  If they were going to first crawl on a Tuesday, the CD might keep them from doing it until Friday.  NBD.


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  • Well, considering DS starting sitting at 4 months, crawling at 6 months and walking at just under 9 months; I would say from personal experience, no.
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  • Are you laughing because it's asked a lot or was it a dumb question?   Sorry, I'm new to this.
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  • Everything I've read and heard from CD Mommas says no. 
  • I think she was laughing because this is something that gets asked semi-regularly. I don't think it delays motor skills. My DD was crawling before 7 months, so no, I don't believe it impacts it greatly.

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  • My son walked before he was 10 months old, so I'd say no.
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  • My DH thinks that it has helped our LO sit better because he said the fluffy butt helps him balance, haha.
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  • From my experience, I would say no.

    Even if he was a few days behind like some people suspect, I'd take that for the benefit of them PL earlier ;-)

  • Honestly, I think my sons PFs kept him from rolling over for a little while, because there were a few weeks where he would easily roll over when naked and struggle with it or not even try when he had his snappi'd PF on.  But it was pretty short period of time, and now he rolls just fine.  (I have, however, stopped using the snappi, but that's because I find it easier to scrape poop off of a diaper that is just folded in thirds instead of folded in a way that allows for a snappi)
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  • I heard there was a study that it could delay certain milestones by 2-4 weeks, but in the grand scheme of things that was no big deal.

    And considering CDing was the only option for a long time, you'd think there'd be a bunch of people with delayed motor skills if it was true.

    DD had no delays.

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    So far no.  

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  • In my experience no. DS was walking at the end of nine months.  He hops, runs, dances, climbs, with no issues! 
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  • Sorry to be "that guy."  But at least I gave you another idea for the FAQ's!
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  • I think that this is one of those common misconceptions about CD's.  I think if anything it might make rolling a little harder in the very beginning when they first learn how, but when they are a little older like at the crawling or walking ages, the diaper is less huge compared to them (especially one sized) and its not as different than how a sposie would affect them.

    Do you use 2 microfiber inserts?  You should try hemp if you haven't yet.  Its much thinner and absorbs way more.

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  • I think it's funny that some people bring this up as a con to CDing (not directed at you, OP).  Do they think that all babies diapered prior to the development of disposable diapers weren't living up to their full developmental potential?  
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