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On the go and at home snack idea suggestions...

My daughter just turned one  Only has two teeth on bottom.  She loves chunks of banana and cheerios.  I also giver her graduate puffs but running blank on other snack ideas for on the go or at home.  Any input would be appreciated!  Thanks!  (I also posted on 6-12 b/c she only has two teeth)

Re: On the go and at home snack idea suggestions...

  • Little boxes of raisins are great for on the go.  DD only has her 4 front teeth.
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  • You said that you've tried the puffs, but have you tried the yogurt bites? They are awesome for little ones that are lacking lots of teeth. We also like the little "fruit bites". They are like tiny chunks of freeze dried fruit. I used to mix half fruit bites and half puffs in a snack container and DS loved it!
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  • I make a toddler trail mix when we're on the go.  Kix, Cheerios, Yogurt bites, fruit bites and a couple of Nilla Wafers.  At home, we go a little bigger.  DD loves the Gerber fruit bars.  You can also get organic fruit bars at most grocery stores (think Nutrigrain bars without so much sugar).  These are pretty messy (they crumble) so I reserve them for home or Grandpa's.  DD also loves the toddler biscuits, avocados (just slice and let her go at it), Ritz, organic fruit loops, Gerber crunchies... 
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  • graham crackers, goldfish,   there are some really fun organic bunny crackers--Annie's that costco and other stores sell--my kids both love those.    diced peaches, apples or other fruits.   string cheese or cheese bits?


  • Goldfish, quartered grapes, string cheese, cheerios and graham crackers are our go tos.
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