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need some help with laxatives - what are you using?

Ok, I seriously hate posting this sort of thing, I'm so not open about this stuff, but ladies, I'm desperate!  I have a call into the doctor, but what have you taken to get things moving?  Thanks Embarrassed

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Re: need some help with laxatives - what are you using?

  • My OB and the ER  doc told me to take Miralax once a day and Colace three times a day. It did the trick.
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  • Fiber One bars. They are so effective, I can only eat half of a bar a day or I'm in the bathroom all day. My doctor recommended Colace but the bars work better!
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  • Colace only works ok for me though other ladies swear by it.  I think it's important to take everyday especially once you get back on track because it helps regulate things.  I take 3 pills a day and it's done nothing for me this week Sad

    I've tried Ducolax suppositories which helps take the edge off but again, doesn't really give me total relief.

    The only thing that has worked for me is pounding fluids.  Lots and lots of fluids.  Try different kinds of fruit juices too to help get things moving.

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  • During my last pg I made fiber one muffins all the time and they did the trick. I just made a batch and hoping it'll help this time. Unlike the bars they don't give me bad gas! GL
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  • Per the ER doc: the issue with fiber is that it can actually make constipation worse. It's aces for preventing constipation, but once you get backed up, you are actually causing more harm than good. Also, apples are the devil's food when it comes to constipation, and he told me not to eat them for the rest of my pregnancy. Who knew?

    You are better off taking the laxative to clear out your system and THEN load up on fiber to keep things moving. I made the mistake of eating Fiber One bars and the like when I was already constipated, and ended up in the ER for an impacted bowel. It was a seriously traumatic event, and what they have to do to disimpact you is...I won't even get into it.

    Suffice it to say, stay on top of the poop issue ladies.

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    Prune juice!!! it is amazing!!

    This, everyday. 

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  • miralax.  Ok'd by doc!
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  • I take VitaFusion Fiber Gummies every single day - 5 grams of fiber per serving.  I switched my PNV from Prenexa to GNC brand w/o iron - the iron in the PNV was making me constipated.  My iron check at my last OB visit was great (I should mention I do eat red meat a few times a week).  If I start to feel irregular, I take 2-3 colace. 

    Good luck!  To me, there is no worse feeling than being constipated.  :(

  • I have the what to expect app on my phone, and the daily reads it gives you have been focusing on constipation lately.  I haven't tried this yet, but it says kiwis are a natural laxative.  I had never heard that one before, but it's a tasty approach to try.
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