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bought my first thing for baby

Yesterday I was home (see fire @ school post waaay below) and I brought up the newborn bins from DS out of the basement.  Going through I realized that most of the stuff is super stained.  It was clean when I put it down there, but I guess spit up enzymes remained and over time turned the clothes a rust color in spots.  That alone was a big step for me because I haven't really done anything baby-wise up until that point. 

When I went to Target I bought some cute newborn onsies and just sat in amazement at how tiny this little being will be. 

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Re: bought my first thing for baby

  • We just bought our first pack of diapers. It was a weird but happy
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  • That's a great first step!! Yes
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  • I know it still early for me but, I have a friend who is a "super coupon queen" and we went shopping yesterday. So with the coupons I picked up two packs of diapers and some pacifiers for 5$! It was very scary to bring these baby items into the house but at those prices I will be brave. I figure even if my LO does not love huggies they were so cheap I am sure someone will be able to use them.
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