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August Mamas, come in!

Well, I was supposed to visit my friend on bed rest this morning, but she went into labor and might have already delivered by now.  (Any spare T&P's you could send her would be great, she's only 33 weeks.)  So I have time to put this up!

I'll put up the August Mamas check in every Thursday morning.  If you'd like to be added, just reply with your due date and whether you're Team Blue, Pink or Green.

Also, if you have any suggestions for QOTW, both baby related and non baby related, that would be great!


Re: August Mamas, come in!

  • Good Morning... We are team Green!!! 

    Our due date is Aug 7th according to when I O'd the doctor says the 2nd since he is going by my LMP(so my ticker shows for the 2nd so I can feel like I am farther So its 5 days give or take well all know it could be 2 weeks for that matter!!!

    T&P for your friend...

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  • Due date Aug 26. Team Find out April 7th, lol! 


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  • Due date is Aug. 7 and we are team pink! Thanks for putting together the check-in :)

     T & P's to your friend.

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  • Thanks for getting this up and going!! 

    My due date is August 25th and we are team green.

    Also, many thoughts and prayers for your friend.

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  • T&P's to your friend!

    My due date is Aug 18th and we are TEAM BLUE :)

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  • My due date is August 3, and we are having a little girl, so we are Team Purple (I'm difficult. Stick out tongue)

    We can do nursery questions, registry questions, and bump size over the next few weeks.

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  • I hope everything is ok with your friend!

    I am team blue Big Smile and due 07/30 (orig FF said 08/03 based on O date but Dr goes based on LMP so he put me at 07/30)

    Thanks for doing this!

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  • I'm here!  I am due August 12- but measuring a bit earlier than that.  We are team blue!

    T&P to your friend

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  • Thanks for doing this!

    I am due August 8 and am Team Blue.

    Many thoughts and prayers to your friend; I hope they are all doing well.

  • Thoughts and prayers to your friend. I'm due august 27, and we will find out our team april 15th. Thanks for putting this together!
  • I'm due August 9th and I am having a(n adorable) little boy!

     I love the idea of a weekly check in and QsOTW! I think rvandiver has some good ideas to start. 

    Maybe when we get closer to our due dates, we can establish labor buddies for those who are interested...

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  • Aug. 13, team pink! :)

    T&P for your friend.

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