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Teleworking Rocks!

I understand the point of teleworking is not to be on the Bump, but I just had to share how relaxed I feel with my LO at childcare and able to get a few things done at home! (It feels more like a vacation day and yet, I am working... How wrong is that?!)

I am drinking my coffee and it is still hot! I think the last time that happened was 2009...

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Re: Teleworking Rocks!

  • Coffee

    Cheers to that.  I love my one day a week telecommute day.  LOVE it.

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  • Yeah it does! My H is going to start telecommuting one day a week, and I hope I'll be able to do the same some day. It would make our hectic schedules so much easier!
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  • **sigh**

    I'm hoping to get a one day a week telework day in the next month or so!! I can't wait. Since I don't have an AWS, I can probably get Friday as my telework day.

    I teleworked for half a day last week and it was awesome. But until we get laptops it can only be a sporadic thing.


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  • Amen!

    And it's the only way I get the laundry done Stick out tongue

  • Ditto!  Today is my usual telework day, but sadly I'm in the office today.   
  • Jealous!! I'm a teacher, so teleworking will NEVER be an option for me, haha. But I guess I do get summers, so I can't complain! Now if only I could afford a one or two day a week daycare during the summer so I could get some mommy time...
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  • Agreed!  Teleworking is fantastic!
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