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Anyone familiar with Dr. Stacy Dehal OBGYN?

She is coming to my obgyn practice and I a trying to find some information on her.

Re: Anyone familiar with Dr. Stacy Dehal OBGYN?

  • I have a few friends that have used her before and they love love her. She was at the practice that I use to go to with DD1, I never did see her so no first hand knowledge. But I have never heard a complaint.


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  • Well, she WAS at my practice at Manassas Obgyn as the only female doctor. I hadn't had a chance to actually meet with her myself and I'm sorry to hear I won't have a chance now!!

  • Is she the new Dr at Fair Ridge?

    Great, I was already uneasy about seeing a new doctor at the end of my twin pregnancy but now knowing that she has been sanctioned previously makes me feel worse. I have seen her for my last 2 appointments, I figured if she was on call when I went into labor it would be better if I met her before hand. I haven't really gotten a sense of her but I was annoyed that she was chewing on something when she came into the room at my last appointment, I thought it was really unprofessional, could you please finish your snack before coming into the exam room..... I am really disappointed that I have a 30% chance of delivering with her.

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