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Hi, popping over from TTCAL.

I just went ot see an RE after my M/C in January.  I'm 39 and decided that we needed not to wait to get a better idea of where we were.  At my RE appointment, we did an U/S and the RE commented that my ovaries were smaller than ideal. 

Does anyone have any info or details on what this can mean/ how important it is?  I will meet with the RE again once he gets my FSH and HSG results.  I'm terrified.  My FSH was 11.4 in 2008....

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Ovary Size

  • Try not to worry until you hear from the doctor. I know it is hard to not be terrified. I believe our ovaries shrink as we age and when we get to menopause. But please don't jump to that conclusion. I am so sorry about your m/c.  Try to focus on the fact that you DID just get pregnant so you have eggs in there even if the ovaries are a little smaller than typical. If it turns out your FSH has risen, come back to us. We have a lot of DOR ladies here. Hang in there and keep us posted.

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  • yep my doc said that to me too ...docs just dont know how much every comment sticks!  dont worry about it.   hang in there.  -Pix
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  • Thanks!  You guys are very sweet!
    DD2- May 2012 Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker 1/26/11- missed m/c @ 12 weeks
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