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nap for the record books

Warner has been napping for 3 hours, 15 minutes and counting.

I'm baffled, this never happens!

I am really trying to enjoy this and not jump to the conclusion that he must be getting sick.

What's really frustrating is that I have no idea how to make this happen every day!!! 

Re: nap for the record books

  • Growth spurt.  That's my guess.  DS has been getting them every 6 months since he was 18 months old.

     How did I miss Warner's birthday?  Happy Belated Birthday to the little guy!

  • every once in a while DS has a record book nap....Enjoy it!! I am sure he is fine, just a growing boy!!!
  • I saw a friend I hadn't seen in a while whose DD is 2.5mo older than mine and he told me she often naps for 4hrs - I was blown away. That has never happened here, ever, I think 2hrs is the most we've had.


  • DS had a 4.5 hour nap one weekend a few weeks ago.  If only I could nap for that long!
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  • That's what I was thinking - I wish I could nap for that long!  Yay for long naps.
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  • That is awesome! I, like you, always worry something's wrong when DD takes a long nap.
  • Yay!

    I find when they nap a long time I don't know what to do with myself.  I want to enjoy the new free time I have, but at the same time I know that as soon as I go to do something they'll wake up!

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