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I have a list of doulas my OB works with, but I'm wondering if we even need one. Worried it might be a bit of a "too many cooks in the kitchen" situation. Would love to hear from other NY mom's experience - and is there someone you would recommend? TIA! 
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Re: Doulas?

  • I'd be interested in this as well. My husband won't be much use though (he is terrified of anything medical and might not even be in the delivery room).

  • The thing about a Doula is that it is someone who is guaranteed to be in the room with you, focused entirely on you, and knows exactly what is going on. If you are committed to a drug-free vaginal delivery using a wide range of birthing techniques, it is certainly something you should look into (it increases your statistical probability for this type of delivery). But, really, it only works if you are entirely comfortable with the person you've chosen and you're on the same page with her in terms of your birth plan, ideals, and if she's worked with your doctor and hospital/center before. 

    If it is something you're curious about, meet with a few of them, hear what they have to say, talk to your doctor, and decide with your partner/spouse if it is something you'd want. Check out for more information.

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  • I work with pregnant and parenting teens and many of them have used doulas.  In my experience, they have been a wonderful resource to have because their ability to guide you and support your wishes through the process.  Depending on how you negotiate the relationship and their availability they can be present at your pre-natal appointments as well as the delivery.  This has been great for my young women to build relationships with their doulas before they're in labor.  During labor the doulas are wonderful supports with knowledge of how to best support the process and keep the mother as comfortable as possible.  Basically, I highly recommend them but only you will know what you're comfortable with doing.  Good luck!
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  • Can you share the list?


    I am trying to find one now! For my situation I think it is necessary, as my husband will be out of town, so I will be alone when I go into labor (and call him to fly in, and for my parents to come down from MA). I really need to have someone there with me!

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