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P90x or Insanity

Have you tried either? What were your thoughts?

Re: P90x or Insanity

  • DH was checking out reviews for them and said pregnant women are advised not to do them, even if you are in really good shape.
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  • I tried Insanity myself for about two weeks, but I couldn't handle it. It's very hard on your joints, and I've had trouble with my knees all my life. If you're in relatively good shape and have no joint/back issues then it's a wonderful workout. I also still use the diet plan that comes with the DVD.

    I kind of feel like it's more for men than women, but that's just me.

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  • I did Insanity before I got pg and lost 14 lbs without changing my diet (I was a fairly healthy eater, but would have 1-2 glasses of red wine almost every night and a chocolate treat). DH did it too and lost 20lbs. It is a hard workout with tons of plyometrics/cardio. If you have back/knee problems I do not recommend it. There is a lot of jumping. I did the workouts in my living room (its a large room) and would do part of it on the rug and part on the hard wood floors. 

    I stopped it once I found out I was pg (I found out before my missed period). I DO NOT recommend you do this workout if you are pg, I would wait until after. I had a CS and felt too out of shape post partum to do insanity again, so I am doing turbo fire now (which is much easier than Insanity). I highly recommend Insanity once you have had LO, but not pg.

    ETA: Woops, sorry. I read the PP PG ticker, I didn't realize you had your baby 2 months ago. So I say go for it. Insanity is hard and you will be sore, but you will see results fast. 

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  • Started P90X a few days ago...its hard but not too much to handle, we will see how it goes!
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  • I have done both, not while pregnant thoough. Insanity is very hard, I think P90x is doable while pregnant, if you are already in good shape.


    I started the hybrid progam a month ago (p90x m-w-f and insanity t-th-sat). Its been good and I just found out i'm pregnant (about 4-5 weeks along.) So I have been doing that and plan to continue until the fatigue of the 1st tri sets in!


    Hope this helps! 

  • I had done Insanity for 4 weeks and lost 6lbs.  I would have done the second half but I got my BFP and had to stop because it is definitely too much for pregnant women.  While doing the workouts my heart rate would get into the 160s to 170s. 

    I recommend starting Insanity if you are in atleast some shape already.  I wouldn't advise Insanity for someone who hasn't done any workouts in a long time.  Also be sure to wear the proper shoes, cross trainers.  If not the arches of your feet could start to bother you.  I learned that lesson after the first week.

      Good luck!  If you try it I think you'll find it addicting because the program will definitely get you results!

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