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Red Velvet Cake Warning! :-p

So yesterday I was very upset when I noticed I was bleeding after a BM...and then again later when it happened again. I was panicking wondering if I should call my Dr. and getting ready to google rectal bleeding during pregnancy, when I remember the massive quantities of red velvet cake I have eaten in 2 days (MH bought one on sale, and we had one at a work bridal shower). Once I remembered it made sense and seemed more like it was red dye and not blood, but it really looked like blood. So just a PSA for you ladies who like red velvet yourself the stress and REMEMBER that you ate a ton of dark red cake!

Re: Red Velvet Cake Warning! :-p

  • oh my goodness! Good thing you put two and two together!

    I too love me some red velvet.

  • Haha!  Glad you figured it out before you got too panicked!
  • After St. Patricks day DS went to the bathroom, and know what was green. It caught me off guard at first, but then I remembered at daycare they dyed just about everything green.
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  • I have a very funny red velvet cake story.

    I went to a wedding and the groom's cake was red favorite.  I woke up the next morning after a heavy night of drinking and got in the shower.  I then threw up in the shower (yeah I know...klassy) and it was dark red.  The first thing that ran threw my mind was "OMG! I'm in NH, away from home, DH is deployed and I'm going to have to go to the hospital for a bleeding ulcer!".  I promptly threw up a bit more and it dawned on me that it was all the red velvet cake I had eaten the night before.

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  • same thing happens when you eat a whole pack of oreo cookies... Huh?
  • Nothing should prevent the consumption of red velvet cake!
  • image OctoberCAPA:
    Nothing should prevent the consumption of red velvet cake!

    I never said not to eat it...I said remember you ate it! I don't want to prevent anyone form eating cake, I just wanted to prevent panic Wink

  • also happens with beets! my grandfather died of colon cancer when my dad was 16.  so my dad recently freaked out entirely and went to the hospital thinking he was having bloody BM - oops was just the beets!
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