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Thanks for your reply below on my "Would you be worried?" post.  It sounds like we're in the same boat.  Sometimes, it's like we're racing against time . . . and time doesn't stop.  MH is great but doesn't really understand what I go through every month.  Somehow he manages to say the wrong thing at the wrong time (like, "We can't have another baby, we're too old! - the day after I get a +opk)

I don't know about you, but I also have about 30 extra pounds to drop from my first pregnancy.  When I went to my 8 week check up after LO was born, my OB suggested that I just accept that my body is in "baby zone" and not do anything major to lose weight - cutting calories too low or going nuts with exercise - because it could throw off my hormones.   At that time, I didn't mind this advice and thought we'd get pg right way (2 under 2 was the goal).  But.... fast forward 18 months and I feel like I wasted all that time when I could've been losing weight.

Thanks for listening.  It's nice to know someone understand the worries and the prayers of "just one more healthy baby and I promise I'll never ask for another thing."  :)


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  • Hi, I hear you with the weight loss. I'm not obese but would have loved to lose 20 pounds before trying for #2. Oh well ...I got my blood tests back and I felt good that I have good eggs for a 40 year old. (my FSH was 6). My husband is the one with low sperm motility so I just started clomid and hopefully going for a iui this cycle.

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