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Pregnancy number five

Hi!!  I just found out yesterday that I am pregnant.  I am massively excited, but terrified at the same time.  I just miscarried a pregnancy early last month.  My husband and I were not try for, nor expecting a pregnancy so soon.  This is my fifth pregnancy.  I have two beautiful, healthy daughters, aged six and three and a half.  I have miscarried twice.  First at 11 weeks, second time at seven weeks.  So I am terribly worried about this one.  I am calling the OB tomorrow to schedule an appointment.  Any words of wisdom?
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  • I think at this point the worst thing you can do is worry and stress yourself out.  Take it easy and think positive, I know so much easier to say than do.  My husband was born with a major heart defect that is congenital, there was a good chance that our first would be born with a heart defect too and I had to wait till I was 20 weeks to know weather the baby was healthy or not.  I was a wreck, our son turned out to be perfect and healthy (thank god).  With this pregnancy I started down a similar path but stopped myself and decided to take it one day at a time.  We go blessed with a girl this time and she is healthy too!! So relax and take it one day at a time.
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