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Where to get an inexpensive lamp for DD's room?

We had a table lamp in her room that we loved which just died (it was a hand-me-down living on borrowed time). Where can I get a replacement that doesn't break the bank? I looked at Target yesterday, but didn't like anything. Pottery Barn Kids has cute stuff, but it's in the $70 range, and I was hoping to spend less (maybe $50 or less). Any thoughts on where to look?


Re: Where to get an inexpensive lamp for DD's room?

  • I believe that Pottery Barn sells their lampshades separately from the lamps. So, if there's a shade you really like, you could buy that from Pottery Barn and then just get a plain lamp base from Target or somewhere like that.

    I've also seen cute stuff at Home Goods. I buy a lot of housewares from JCPenney as well. I haven't looked specifically at kids lamps but that's another place to check out.

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  • There is a Pottery Barn Kids outlet in Leesburg, they have cute lamps there more in that price range.
  • I've bought nice lamps from Home Goods.  They also have just the shades if you find a simple base elsewhere.  TJ Maxx or Marshals may also have something.  If you just want something simple (e.g., silver lamp with plain white shade), Bed Bath & Beyond has lamps for cheap.
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    IKEA or Home Goods

    Ditto. I have this lamp from Ikea with an adorable Home Goods shade. 

    BBB has some lamps that are pricier (and don't put out a ton of light) but are sooo cute. C has one that is similar to this, but on his the monkey is attached to the chain, so you pull the little monkey:


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  • Home Goods, Marshalls, TJ Maxx
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  • Home Goods - all the way!
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