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Auntie or Skittles?

I normally post on Blended families -- but I have a problem where I think my SD who is 8 may possibly have Aspergers.. can you help me?

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Re: Auntie or Skittles?

  • Auntie is going to be more well versed in Aspergers that me, she has lived it I think for 10+ years, her son is a teenager now. My ds is on the high end of the autism spectrum and he is 4 going on 5 next week. He has language delays, which is a major difference between auntie's child and mine. The commonality is the social awareness aspect.  

    What kinds of things are you seeing that make you suspect Aspergers? Has she been evaluated by the school system? Are her teachers suspicious at all? May want to have some discussions with them. I think more details the better we may be able to help.


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