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Maternity Leave Ending

I just got my bill for 2 kids in daycare.  Ouch.  It's the same amount as our mortgage payment.  I'm really sad my maternity leave is ending.  I've gotten into a rhythm of being home with both little ones.  I really want to approach my boss about a 30 hour week so I can be home in the afternoon with the kids.  I was going to wait till the fall but I am thinking of broaching it sooner.  I have to go to work this afternoon (bummer) but here's to enjoying my last 3 days of freedom before the chaos ensues.   Cheers!

Re: Maternity Leave Ending

  • Good luck!  Sounds like a 30 hour work week would be great.

    I would make some kind of recommendation for going back to work and seeing how you feel after a few weeks back, but you can see from my previous post that hasn't helped me any Confused

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  • Good luck!  Three in daycare is more than our mortgage payment, that's for sure!  Ouch is right.

    30 hours a week sounds like a dream to me.  I would love to do that, but my (traditional, inflexible) work place would never do it.  I will live vicariously through you.

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  • I love it.  After DD #1 I worked 32 hours over 5 days because she went to be so early (5:30 pm).  DD #2 goes down around 7 pm, so I work the majority of my hours M-H and then work from home on Friday in the morning.  Kids still go to DC every day but we are home by 5 (at the latest).  I cook almost all our dinners for the week on Sunday so when we get home I nurse DD #2 and then we play until DH gets home.  We eat and clean up by 6:30 and the kids are in bed by 7-7:30.  It's all very leisurely and not rushed.  I use Friday afternoons to run errands (grocery store, etc) so the weekend can be focused more on the kids and fun things.
  • Sigh!  It was fun to GTG with you. I hope that the 30 hours thing works out or that 40 hours feels better than you think it will.

  • I feel your pain.  Two in daycare for us will be the same as our morgatge payment as well.  Right now I work 32 hours a week and LOVE it.  DH said I may have to go back to full time once I get back from maternity leave and I'm soooo not looking forward to that- especially having a newborn, toddler and having a 90 minute commute one way.  I'm hoping I can figure something else out.
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