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Minnieland Private Day School

Does anybody send their kids there?

What can u tell me about it? Experiences?


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Re: Minnieland Private Day School

  • My mom's neighbor's grandson goes there, the parents live in Woodbridge I think.  I see the parents a few times a year, and while I haven't heard them go on and on raving about it, I haven't heard them tell any horror stories either.  I guess that's not really a help...
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  • my co-worker had a really bad experience at the one in Ashburn, in fact the teacher ended up getting fired over it and they took their child out of this daycare. But that's one bad teacher in 1 daycare.


  • DS was at the infant room in Ashburn's Minnieland for about 3 months.  I would be glad to share my experiences with you if you want to e-mail me at [email protected].

  • Just so you know the Reston location has a really long waiting list.  We just got on the waiting list and they said they would not know if they would have room until Octorber or November.  I really loved the school, but I will have to start my LO somewhere else since I need to be back at work in Aug. 
  • Sorry hit reply too soon. This doesn't mean that all minnieland locations employ people like this but it would still concern me.

  • My son, who is 2, has been going to Minnieland in Haymarket for almost a year now. I love the staff, the director and their program. He is there from 730 am until 530pm, and he loves it there. There is no way that I could have taught him all the things he knows with their help. I highly recommend this daycare...
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