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Why do they do the arm flapping and head shaking? What is stimming? Why is it done? I'm just trying to figure out what is causing DS to do these things. DS doesn't have a diagnosis of autism, but he does have a lot of signs/symptoms of autism and we're going through the evaluation process currently.


Re: Autism/ASD

  • It feels good for kiddies who flap, etc.  My son, for example, has sensory needs and he recieves imput from flapping, spinning, head shaking, etc.  I'd suggest "The Out of Sync Child" for a better explination.
  • I second the out of sync child for reading. It helped me understand some of my son's behaviors that had me scratching my head. I don't precisely know why DS1 spins like he does or flaps his arms/hands. It is calming to him it seems but it can be unnerving when people are around him who don't know his dx. 

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