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another room change ?

our room is somewhat dark.. we keep curtains drawn, though they're really thin curtains so it's not blacked out or anything close to that..

should i hang some kind of similar curtain up in ds's room?  its on the opposite end of the house so it gets different lighting than our room curtains or not.  it currently has a really light sheer curtain in there(over blinds) which obviously does nothing.


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Re: another room change ?

  • Keira's old room was on the sunny side of the house and I had a total ghetto set-up going in there! I cut black trash bags at the seams so they were long panels and stuffed them in the top slat of her blinds to make the room dark! I had them up until I moved her across the hall to the dark side of the house! It looked terrible, but it did the job as a quick and easy fix. This time around with the new baby I am hoping to get some cute curtains that match the valances for a permanent solution! haha
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  • We got some faux wood blinds that are dark brown from Target that were super inexpensive and really do a good job to keep the majority of the light out of DS's room during the day time naps. And they look snazzy! Smile
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  • We have black out material from JoAnn Fabrics that I sewed into our curtains in our bedroom that make the room pitch black (and dark during the day). I didn't feel that was necessary in DD room, she had wood blinds and sheer curtains. When we had DST in the fall it was too bright in there so I got the black out curtains for kids they sell at Target, they don't make the room super dark, but it is better than the sheer. For baby #2 I think we will have to do the same since the room faces a street light and can be bright at night.
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  • i just hung a thin tapestry thing over the sheer panel... ghetto fabulous lol!  i think it'll work until he gets used to the room anyway. 

    oh boy, i'm curious to see how tonight goes!  that room is way crowded now though lol.  a double bed, toddler bed, and a crib LOL!   he should feel right at home haha! 

    our room is small and we have a king size bed, so there was literally just enough room to scoot by on the side where his crib was lol.  it looks so weird in there now! 

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