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My DD has been coming home from 3K saying there is a girl in her class that keeps calling her a boy and doesn't want to play with her because of this(there's only 4 girls including my DD in the class).  My DD is very upset about this and keeps asking me if she a girl(I tell her that God made her a girl), why won't her friends play with her(I told her that everyone should play with each other, girls and boys included), and now i just don't know what else to say to her.  Should I say something to her teacher? WWYD
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  • I would bring it up to the teacher as it is such a bully-ish behavior.

    I would explain to my child that some children/people are just rude/mean.  This child is being mean.  I would encourage my child to play with the other children and its a cornerstone for you to decide: does she fight back (not literally fight but state I am a girl) or ignore the behavior....

    Def talk to the teacher tho. 

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  • Yep, I would def talk to the teacher. She/he can both intervene directly and perhaps offer you advice on more ways to "teach" your DD to deflect mean comments. Hugs.
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  • Absolutely say something to the teacher! I'm surprised the teacher hasn't noticed this behavior. Sorry your DD is going through this; it's not fair to her.
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  • This post broke my heart!  That is so sad Sad  I always thought that was more kindergarten and older behavior.  I would definitely sit and talk with the teacher and see if something could be done.

     Also I was talking to our EI family counselor (he has been working with my daughter Rachel who has mild Cerebral Palsy to help her cope with all of her physical therapy) and I was asking him what to do when the kids in school inevitably start to tease her.  He showed me all these neat articles about how just telling your child how great they are.  Keep up your reinforcement on how she is a beautiful smart little girl.  He showed me literature how parents even at a young age can really help overcome teasing and stuff like that.

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