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An update...

For those following my rascally child's nighttime antics...She had a good streak for awhile, then was back to her old tricks again with emptying her drawers and sleeping on the floor. Then we had these winners:

The other night, at some point she decided she wanted to go for a swim. Because when I got her up, she had her bathing suit top on over her pj's (all twisted up--couldn't have been comfortable!), and had once again slept on the floor.

Last night, she got out of bed to play for a bit, then got back in bed (hurray!) with her bear, her blanket, and her plastic step stool. Comfy! :-) But she stayed there all night, so I consider it a success. hehe.

We're still trying to ignore her. However, if she takes off her pants/pullup, we go in there (after her peeing on the floor one night last week). So far, if we have to ask her to put them back on once, that seems to do it. She hasn't done it a second time in the same night (yet).

I also put her anywhere chair in her room (previously downstairs), and encouraged her to quietly read books in it (it's beside a night light) if she's not ready to go to sleep. It seems to have helped a little. At this point I don't care if she goes right to sleep, or really even if she stays in her bed. I just want her to stay out of her dresser drawers. She's still gotten into them some, but the books/chair are a good distraction. We'll see.

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Re: An update...

  • Glad things are looking up.  I have a feeling Nic is going to be terrible.  He won't just get out of bed but scream bloody murder.  Can I keep him in his crib until he is in college? LOL
  • I'm so glad Holly appears to be making progress! I must say, though, that the picture of her the morning after the bathing suit incident was PRICELESS. It made me chuckle - she's SO funny!
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  • She is a funny girl!  Glad things seem to be improving with her nighttime antics. :)
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  • The past two nights, she's gotten back in bed on her own accord, and stayed there all night. Last night she did get up and try to open her drawers, and ended up bumping her head on the corner of one and cried out for me to come in. I went in and reminded her that it's dark in there, and if she plays with the dresser she could get hurt (she closed her finger in the drawer last week). I hate for her to get hurt, but maybe she'll remember that from now on! I left the room and she asked if she could sit in her chair and read a book. She did, then brough the book into her bed and fell asleep. I'll definitely take it!

    We'll see if it lasts!...

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  • oh my! it sounds like you have had your hands full. i'm a little worried about these types of things when i finally take ds out of his crib.  he's about 6 months older than yours (so i do know that its about time), but so far he's happy in it & has never tried to escape.  dh and i are thinking within the next couple of months we'll transition out of the crib, but it scares me to think about!!
  • It sounds like she's doing better!  I can't tell you how much I laughed at the picture of Holly in her bikini top.  That was priceless!
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