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PT and constipation question

Scott has been doing awesome with PT.  He hasn't had an accident in over a week now.  The one problem is that he isn't pooping.  He went from Thursday until Monday morning without pooping.  He woke up with poop in his pull up Monday morning and he was SO sad that he went in his pull up--crying, etc.  Then last night he woke up at 11:30pm screaming in pain and pooping in his pull up.  It's good he's finally pooping but it's clear it's really painful for him.

Anyone else's LO get constipated during PT?  He gets so upset when he has an accident that I think he's holding his poop in instead of trying to go on the potty. I'm not sure how to help him go on the potty.  He really wants the "special treat" he can get for going poop on the potty--he's gotten it twice but both of those were sort of accidental pooping on the potty.  I think he's going during the night because that's when he finally relaxes and it just comes out then.

I'm going to try and get some fruit in him to help move things along.  Any other advice? 


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Re: PT and constipation question

  • I have no advice but that is so sad.  Poor little guy.  Hopefully someone has some advice.
  • According to my pedi it happens with almost ALL kids after PT'ing.  Eli had it bad, and it seems like everyone else I know experienced the same thing.  I really just had to wait for it to click with Eli, I tried every trick in the book and nothing worked magically, it just took time. 

    The pedi put Eli on Miralaxx daily.  It's a softener, so it doesn't upset their tummy or make them explode, it just makes it easier, and also makes it to where they can't really hold it when they have to go (but not in a bad way).  He did really well on that for about 2 months.  Then we weaned him off and now he gets fiber gummies.  I basically just want to make sure we don't ever go back there again. 


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  • Pooping seems to be the last thing they get for some reason.

    I too give AT fiber gummies everyday. He wont eat the amount of veggies he should so I feel okay about it. PLus it just makes it not so painful when they do get backed up. I would try that, juice and fruit to see if you cant move things along. I would worry about getting him to just go rather then where he is going for right now.

    Just keep talking about the potty and it will click! GL!

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