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Swedish Hopsital reviews?

I am delivering at Swedish Hospital in August and was wondering if anyone had any tips or reviews they wanted to share? Do you get a private room?

Re: Swedish Hopsital reviews?

  • I delivered my little boy at Swedish hospital on Monday. I was really pleased by my experience and stay. I went in Monday morning to be induced. The staff was really friendly and helpful. My room was clean. You get a private room with tv/dvd player, direct tv, shower, cd player, they have birthing balls to bounce on. You deliver in your own private room in labor and delivery and then after you are moved to your own private room in the family care unit. It is nice because they even have a bed for your significant other in the family care unit so someone can stay with you. Mom's are provided 3 meals a day and your partner gets 1 free meal voucher coupon. I was always checked on to make sure me and the baby were alright and they even had other staff coming around to make sure the staff and services are what you need.

    Everything was always explained to you to make first time moms feel at ease. Baby can room in with you or if you need to sleep they will take him to the nursery and bring him back to you for feedings. There is a nourishment room on both the labor and delivery side and family care unit side that provides free snacks and drinks for mom and daddy.

     I took a tour when I was about 33 weeks of the hospital.  I would definitely recommend doing this just so you know what to expect. The hospital offers classes during pregnancy and also is a check station for car seats. I feel like it is a "one stop shop".

    Also I had an epidural during my labor, the doctor was very fast and efficient. I felt like the staff went above and beyond to make my stay a special one. 


    Hope this helps! 

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  • I had a great experience at Swedish. I had a c-section so we were there for 4 days. You get your own room and your husband gets his own bed too. The nurses were great - especially the night nurses I loved. The lactation consultant was a little too odd and grabby for me, but over all was somewhat helpful. I had a great experience and will probably deliver there again when the time comes.
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