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Not "cooperating" at the Drs?

I asked this in another post about how my DD doesn't let me cut her toenails all of a sudden, but DD has her 4 year visit coming up and I'm worried.

So suddenly, this month, DD won't let me clip her nails or pretty much even look at them.  I've tried so many approaches.  There was a piece that was long and chipped and I had to sit on her and clip it, but she was screaming hysterically and I got kicked in the face and I felt beat up.

Her 3 year visit did not go well either, but she didn't need any shots or anything.  I just have a feeling that she is going to freak out, like not let the Dr touch her.  From what I've heard, she needs some vaccines and a lead test.  Even if we can delay the vaccines, the lead test is NYS mandated.

Will the Dr have me hold her down?  I'm not sure I can.. and I have to find a sitter for the baby because the two of them together are a disaster.  Just wanted input for kids that totally freak out.  Even if I talk about the Dr she starts crying.  It doesn't take much for her to start vomiting.. oh boy am I dreading this.

Re: Not "cooperating" at the Drs?

  • They 4 year visit is a tough one!  I think we did 4 shots and a prick. I did have to help hold DD down.  I had DS1 with me and he would have been 2 (and going to his 2 year visit!).  Their birthdays are close together.  (They did her shots first).  I'd talk up the appointment, let her know what is going to happen and promise (bribe) something afterward...special outing? toy? candy? 

    Maybe you could find a good book about the 4 year appointment?

    My DD freaked for her shots but once it was over; she was fine.  A few weeks later we had to have another prick and he screamed bloody murder.  I had all three kids with me and had to hold her down.   She got a flu shot at her 5 year appointment and did much better!  

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  • My peds won't give more than 2 shots at a time, and I don't remember which shot was at 4YO.

    I don't have to help hold any of my kids down. My 5 YO FREAKED out for her flu shot, wouldn't get it, and so what the nurse did (she's the one that administers the shots) is call in the doctor who held her down. They do it all the time and it's not a big deal.

    As for the freaking out at the visit, my kids have freaked out, but my doctor is good and has me just help him out when examining them.


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  • Role play, role play, role play. 

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  • Harmon has  very serious sensory issues and just really can't handle things like toe clipping and hair brushing.  The doctors is the worse.  Since he was two if we walk into the doctors he starts screaming (which sucks b/c we are always at the doctors with 3 kids).  Between shots, stethoscopes, and tongue depressors you would think we were beating him.  Most appointments I've had to hold him down with the help of DH or our nanny.

    Do you believe in bribery?  When it is really important bribery does help now that he is older.  We bring fruit snacks for the exam and promise his favorite treat after.  He is still scared but it does help.

    Also does she have a favorite toy?  We bring Harm's trains with him and the doctor talks about them to him.  She has even used her stethoscope on Thomas once.

    Sometimes these things help and sometimes we still struggle.  I hope one of these options help. 

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  • The doctor fear stuff is normal and its a phase that most kids go through.  No shots at 4 years for us.  If your child is freaking out and needs to be held down, ask for extra staff to come help, you should not be the one to do it.  At my peds office, the nurse always holds down the legs while my kids lay on the table and I am up near their face, holding hands and talking through the whole thing.  Making eye contact and keeping them distracted.,
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