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Napping help !!!!



My LO is 4 months old next week.. She is GREAT night time sleeper.. We put her down at 745p and she sleeps until 7am.. with a dreamfeed at 10p.. she never wakes for this. Issue is her napping.. She is currently taking 4 naps but they are only 30 mins to 1 Hr, if we get lucky.. She's up at 7am.. back down by 9. Up close to 10am.. back down between 11-11:30.. up between 12-1.. back down 2-3 and back up before 4 around 5.. I feel like I need to drop one of the naps and get her to 3 naps and am trying to drop the 5pm nap and possibly move her b-time up but she struggles at this hour and is soooo cranky.. thoughts on this??? Also, thoughts on how to get her to sleep longer for naps?? She is happy when she wakes, most of the time, but then gets fussy and very cranky.. Any help is MUCH appreciated!!!

Re: Napping help !!!!

  • I highly recommend the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child.  It is such a great reference for all sleep related issues.  My daughter is almost 2 and I just referred to it again to resolve the issue of her waking in the middle of the night after an illness.  It had been going on for a month and was resolved in 2 days.  The book reads more like a text book but you can easily flip to sections for the age of your child and he discusses everything from bedtime routine to naps and why babies needs so much sleep.  It goes up to school age children so I think it would be useful for a while.

    Good luck!

  • For a child of that age I would not worry so much about their nap schedule. As long as they are taking naps it's fine. As they get older they will switch to a different schedule. She is just doing as her body tells her to, and there is nothing wrong with the shorter naps.
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