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Getting Nauseous everytime I take a shower?

I am 9 weeks tomorrow. Ever since I found out I was pregnant (with our first), at 5 weeks..I cannot take showers without feeling sick. In fact, the only time I have thrown up was in the shower. I am nauseous everyday, all day.  I have the morning sickness..but just not throwing up. However, every day I dread taking a shower.  I feel shaky, and nauseous and try to rush through it so I don't throw up. For at least 30 minutes afterward I feel as if I could throw up...but don't. (or haven't yet). I have been leaving the door open and I stop and stick my head out of the curtain every few minutes..which helps. I don't take hot showers..but warm..should I try cold?  I haven't really heard of other pregnant women having this problem so I wasn't sure if I should talk to my doctor about it. I go back at 11 weeks.

Is anyone else experiencing this?


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Re: Getting Nauseous everytime I take a shower?

  • I don't get nauseous but I do get really dizzy and exhausted if my showers are efen remotely hot/warm.  Try the colder shower and see how that works.  I have started using warmer water for the first minute or so and then switching to cold.  It has helped a TON

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  • I have had this issue since I was five weeks!!!  Its terrible!! And to add brushing your teeth to the mix is a morning gag fest..  I have no recommendations just that I feel ur EXACT pain..  Its terrible.. I have gotten out of the shower soaken wet shampoo left in my hair and heaving into a bag while I have my boyfriend try to dress me for work..  Its an absolute nightmare.  Im now heading onto 12 weeks on Tuesday and can say its gotten better as far as the heaving in the shower..  It still happens but not as intense as it was prior.  I would literally be choking on heaving.  Gross.  So as far as I know it is normal and not a concern just a wonderful part of morning sickness!  I know it sucks terribly and there are no words to help.  Hang in there!
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  • Thanks...

    I guess its just good to hear Im not alone. I was seriously shaking and ready to cry explaining this to my I HATE taking a shower..and it should be a nice experience! He just doesn't understand. Yeah..I sit on the floor in the shower before I can even try to dry off.  By the time I get out I am exhausted...ready for bed. I have noticed taking them in the afternoon hours is easier than mornings.

    I am not loving this morning sickness at all...counting down the days until Im in the 2nd trimester and praying the ms goes away!



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  • I have the same problem. I've found that turning the water down as cool as I can tolerate it and standing with my back to the water helps A LOT! It was really upsetting for me because I absolutely love to take showers when I get home from work to relax. With the water turned down and it only on my back I can take a full shower + a few extra minutes of "luxury" showering for no good reason. lol! Keeping my back turned towars the water was the big trick for me though because as soon as I turn around to wash my face and that water starts to hit my stomach area I start to feel nausea. Tongue Tied
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  • I have the same I only use warm water..not hot...and then am pretty much forced to lay down naked in bed for a bit to cool off afterwards..have even tried opening the window in the bathroom..but it just didnt help..GR
  • I feel your pain. I love taking nice hot showers but I've had to opt for lukewarm for now. I also leave the bathroom door open. I'm also trying not to stay in too long. It's helped a lot.
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  • I get really dizzy if I take a shower that is too warm or stay in too long (like when shaving).  I try to take quick showers and keep the water barely warm. 

    I too feel sick all day, every day, but I am not throwing up (yet)

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