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Something from Olive Garden to help induce labor??

I just got off the phone with my sister and she told me there's a meal at OG that helps with labor. She hadn't heard about it when she was pregnant so she doesn't know the details but people swear by it. She said it's something with eggplant??? I googled it and, while people have heard the same thing, they are saying it's the salad/salad dressing?? I have never heard this! Can anyone fill in the blanks on this one? This is definitely one of the more random things I've heard, but you never know...

Re: Something from Olive Garden to help induce labor??

  • I would say it would be the eggplant parm. That is what this place says.

  • The old wives' tale is that eggplant parmigiana will cause a women to go into labor. I don't think it's specific to Olive Garden, just eggplant parmigiana generally. 

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  • Interesting! Worth a try. Why not, right?
  • LOL I've heard there's a restaurant in Georgia (Scalini's) with a specific eggplant parmigiana recipe that is "supposed" to induce labor. Also I think there's a restaurant in LA with a labor salad or something. I've never heard the Olive Garden thing. Thinking about it makes me want some breadsticks though!
  • LA as in Los Angeles or Louisianna?
  • Oh I found it! It's in Studio City... simply called "The" salad. Guess we're eating out twice this week. lol
  • My prenatal class gave us a print out of the Scalini's recipe. It's supposed to work.. but if it doesn't, you still have a tasty sounding dinner!

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  • Someone told me that eggplant parmigan would do the trick, so I went to the store to buy an eggplant yesterday.  They didn't have any because of a freeze somewhere.  Go figure!
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  • I'd try it, but I can't stand eggplant. 
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  • I heard the eggplant Parm/ basal stuff too when I was pregnant with DD. Ate twice, at 39 and 40 weeks. she was born via csection ( never went into labor and her HR was super high) at 41 weeks. So I think all those induces labor tales are a crock! But good luck to you!!
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    Never heard of the Olive Garden recipe starting labor and I used to work there. But it's worth a try!
  • I just ate at Olive Garden Friday night...and it didn't do a thing! haha.

    No one get your hopes up! ;) 

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  • Sounds like a bunch of BS to me, but if you like Eggplant..then go for it.
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  • i had eggplant rollatini twice the week i went into labor with DS1. had half of eggplant rollatini yesterday and will have the 2nd half tonight. i think it's just the eggplant, doesn't matter if it's parmesan or not.  
  • haha, that's pretty funny! I love eggplant parm!
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