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What is kindergarten round up?

What is this and is it needed? I keep hearing people talking about it but have no idea what it is and am wondering why is it that I don't know anything about it. DD is starting Kindergarten this coming school year but we will not be in the new district until June so is this something I need to attend no matter what?

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Re: What is kindergarten round up?

  • It is something where the kids go and pretend there in kindergarten for a little bit.  It allows for the kids to be a bit more comfortable with kdg before they start in the fall.  It also allows the teachers to meet the kids.  If a kid does not seem ready for kdg, (if they are on the cusp of being the right age)  the teacher can learn this and ask the parents to wait a year.  I am guessing it would be up to the district and their policies but I'm guessing it's not completely mandatory.
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  • Hmmm... my daughter starts in the Fall but I haven't heard of "Kindergarten Roundup".  She does go in May for what they call readiness testing.  That is an hour or so where they asess her and determine if she is ready for the regular class or needs what they call "extended day" which is for kids who need exta literacy help.  While there we will also meet with a guidance counselor and get to request if we want her in the full day pilot program or morning or afternoon half day classes.  There is a date in August where the kids go for a trial run where they get to meet the teacher, hang out in the class, and even ride a bus but unfortunately it is when we will be in NC for vacation so she is going to miss it.  :(
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  • Wow, some of y'all's Kindergarten Round-Ups sound so fun!!!

    Here in NorCal, Kindergarten Round-Up means nothing more than a window of time when in-coming Kindergartner's parents come to Info Night/Tour, pick up registration packet and turn it back in to meet the registration deadline.  That's it.

    If you know the school district you are moving into, I would suggest going to THAT KR-U to speak to the Principal and Teachers.  They will most likely tell you to register in your current school district and that your info will be transferred to their district AFTER you move and prove your address.  Does this make sense?  :)

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  • We took DS to his last night...We show up, get our folder of info and meet in the cafeteria for a brief introduction.  Then the kids were sorted into groups (by matching their folder color to a star balloon one of 3 kindergarten teachers was holding) and they went off to check out the kindergarten rooms, play, have a snack, etc.  The parents stayed behind and watched a small presentation on the curriculum, had Q&A with the principal, and then were allowed to mingle with coffee/cookies until the kids were done.  Then we were allowed to walk around a bit and check things out.  DD#1 attended the same school but they have done a remodel to increase security measure and class sizes.  Overall it was a good experience, DS has been nervous about school so this helped him to see all the kids and the fun rooms..now he is excited:)
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