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My sister sent this to me in the mail and I thought I would pass it on to anyone who is interested.  I personally am getting 2 more done (for medical reasons) so I probably won't take advantage but thought some of you might be interested :)


Interested in getting an extra peek at your baby?! Have a pregnant friend or co-worker in the area who would love another look at their little one?

Come for a free ultrasound on Monday or Wednesday mornings now thru April 4th and help out future ultrasound techs in training! The exam will be mostly educational practice for the students (and certainly not a substitute for seeing your primary care provider) but we will try to include some good photos of the baby for you too.

Scans are done across the abdomen only and are best for those in their 2nd to 3rd trimester although we would love a quick peek at those in their late 1st trimester too, the exam just won't take as long. Expect to spend approximately an hour with our small OB/Gyn class.

Location is at the South PIMA Medical Institute Classrooms on E. Hampden Ave. Call Dorice at PIMA (303) 368-7462 to set up an appointment and get all the details.

We appreciate our volunteers!! Thank you in advance!!

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11/2013- Diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis
07/2014- emergency surgery to remove hemorrhaging cyst first RE missed, removed endo from fallopian tubes, hsg done, d&c performed to remove polyphs in uterus, femvue done, put on dexamethasone and metformin
08/2014- miscarriage, second RE refuses to mark down in charts, switch again
03/2016- IUI #1, waiting for results on April 17
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