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Hello ladies!

I'm new to the bump and not expecting myself, but am hoping that someone might have a good lawyer rec for a pregnancy related legal issue on behalf of my SIL.

 Long story short-ish- SIL is due April 10th and has had a hell of a pregnancy. She has been constantly sick and her doc said she's in the 1% of women who just have a really rough pregnancy and are sick a lot. He has written her notes for her employer to justify her calling in sick whenever requested. Throughout all of this, she has been moved to a different store, had her hours cut back and, most recently, was told that they "Thought it would be best if she didn't come back to work until after she had the baby" and was taken off the schedule completely. Her doctor has not ordered bedrest or anything, so there is no medical reason why she cannot work currently. She is still able to perform all of her job duties except for heavy lifting, naturally.

 She filed for unemployment when they pretty much forced her into unpaid leave and now that she has, they want to put her back on the schedule.

 She is clearly being discriminated against because of being sick, which is directly related to her pregnancy, which is illegal. She's wanting to seek help from a lawyer but doesn't really know where to start. She is not very well off and would really need a lawyer that won't charge anything upfront if she decides to take the employer to court.

 I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a good lawyer that has worked with pregnancy issues before in or around the Colorado Springs area, or any other advice regarding what she should do next.

 Thanks in advance!!

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