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What Doctor Did You Choose?

Hi! I'm new posting to the boards. Just found out I'm about 5 weeks pregnant. We weren't expecting to conceive this early (I've got PCOS) and so I am completely unprepared when it comes to choosing an OB GYN. I want a natural childbirth, but I probably won't be a low-risk pregnancy, so I want to deliver at a hospital. Who did you choose for your OB, and why?


Thanks in advance for you answers, ladies!!

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    I do not have an OB suggestion, but wanted to share that I didn't care for our time at Meridian Women's Health.  We ultimately switched to the Greenhouse Birthing Center because of our experience there.  I know two other moms who had hoped for natural births and found that their docs were not supportive in the moment (2 different docs in the practice). 

     I recommend going to the Greenhouse for an Info night (Thursdays at 7pm).  We LOVED our time at the birthing center.  Our prenatal care was AMAZING.

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    First Congratulations! 

    I go to Alliance OB/GYN on the recommendation of a maternity ward nurse at Sparrow (my dear friend's sister).  They have a pretty good reputation in town.  For my yearly appointment I would see Diane a Nurse Practitioner (who I really like).  My Dr. is Dr. Halverson. It is a big practice.

    My mother-in-law used to work at Meridian Women' s Health.  She liked all the doctors but I chose not to go there because I really didn't want her to have that much access to my medical info.

    My husband's cousin gave birth at Greenhouse Birthing center.  She liked her experience and gave birth there twice but with her first the baby had to be taken to Sparrow for observation after delivery.  

    One thing to think about is where do you want to deliver?  Alliance is affiliated with Sparrow whereas Meridian Women' s   Health is affiliated with Ingham Regional. 

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    MMP on Lake Lansing. It's a group of 4 Dr's and a midwife. I see Dr Herta. She's awesome. They're very "live and let bake" and not invasive. Dr Herta is also the back up OB for the Greenhouse in Okemos so she's very supportive of natural birth. Dr Takyi is a favorite of mine and my girlfriends also.

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    I see Dr. Halvorson at Alliance. She is great! I also love the time and attention I get from my nurse practitioner.
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    I also chose Alliance.  I had heard great things about them in online reviews, and also several co-workers who go to Alliance.  They are a bigger practice, and you will be delivered by the on-call doctor, so if you're looking to see one doctor from start to finish it might not be the best option. On the plus side, as a larger, established practice they have tons of experience with pregnancies of all risk levels, lots of experienced support staff, and good availablility when in comes to scheduling appointments.  Also, pretty much all of your pre-natal testing, bloodwork, ultrasounds, etc can be done right in their offfice by Alliance staff.  They are Sparrow-affiliated, if that makes a difference for you.

     I see a CNM for my annual visits (Beth Cross) and rotated through all the doctors during my pregnancy.  Dr Tucker delivered my baby, and she was awesome.  They have a website www.alliance-obgyn.com which has a lot of information on their procedures and timelines for prenatal care.

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    I also go to Alliance.  I wasn't their patient until I got pregnant.  I have a lot of coworkers that go there and have all been very happy with them.  My primary doctor is Dr. Tucker who is great.  I have also seen Dr. Fleming quite a bit and really like her too.  I also met a few of the other doctors when I was in the hospital for a few days last month.  I have had a difficult pregnancy so far so I have had appointments every couple weeks.  Everyone at the office has been so nice and great so far. 
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    I go to Dr. Maser in Haslett - A New Beginning, Obstetrics and Gynecology.  I like it because you know who your doctor is going to be and it's very nice, intimate office.  He also has a very low rate of c-sections and that's exactly what I was looking for. 
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