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Richmond daycare rates

On average, what are the daycare rates for the Richmond area?

Re: Richmond daycare rates

  • I would say that the average for daycare centers is around $200 per week. Most of the centers that I looked into were right around this. If you can find home daycare, you'd probably be paying closer to $100 per week.
  • I think it depends where you are looking in the Richmond area.

     I looked at 3 daycares within the city, and their rates ranged for infants from 240-290 per week.  I know a well-known daycare on the west end that currently costs 300/week!  And, I have a friend who priced daycares on the southside and she said they ranged from about 200-280/week. The price goes down a little as the child gets older.

     My experience has been that if you find someone who cares for multiple children in their home, it costs about $120-200 a week.

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