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Photographer Recommendation?

Does anyone know a good maternity photographer? 

Re: Photographer Recommendation?

  • Oh, I do!  I am so in love with this photographer!  I've been looking at her site for over a year and she made me want to have a baby with her amazing photos just so I get get pics taken!  She for sure deserves a look, and she's super personable, and a pediatric nurse :o 



    They have only done one maternity photo shoot so far, but they do lots of weddings and school pictures. Take a look and they also are inexpensive. 

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  • Did you see Treu Image? I'm actually considering delivery room pics!

  • Julie Harris did our wedding and will do our pregnancy pictures too. Check out her blog
  • Flourish Studio Photography. She is amazing. Or Adept Ink & Pixel, or Timeless Grace Photography. All three are great at what they do and great people as well.
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  • I SURE DO!  STEFANIE NEWCOMB is not only my best friend, but an amazing photographer!  In fact, I am a photographer also and I photographed HER labor and birth ;)  She takes my family photos, and will be photographing (and also my doula) at my labor.  Check her out, her work is so lush!
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