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2nd Trimester

Anybody else hate their 4d ultrasound pics???

I just had my 2nd trimester ultrasound at 18 weeks and I feel like such a bad mother because the baby looks so strange! Her nose looks amazingly large and her features just don't go together. 


Has anyone else had a 4d ultrasound where they didn't walk away going..."ohhh how adorable.!"  


I mean...regardless I am going to love, love, love my baby even if she looks like a frog with horns...but I'm hoping those 4d ultrasounds aren't representative of what my baby will really look like. Anybody else have the same result???


Re: Anybody else hate their 4d ultrasound pics???

  • to me all U/S pics look like skeletons or aliens


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  • There was one cute pic on the dvd I got, but the only printed copy looks a melting wax demon yeah, I know how you feel!

    Was this your anatomy scan or an elective ultrasound? If it was elective maybe they will allow you to come back if all the images are really terrible. Mine was elective but I only wen to determine gender, which we did so I wasn't too disappointed with the scary pics.  

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  • I don't know how many weeks you are but, I had some from when I was pg with DS and I was 22 weeks. His nose looked huge! He looked exactly like my dad. He still looks like him, but since he has some fat on his body (and did when he was born) he didn't look as much like the 4d as I thought he would. His nose didn't look huge when he was born and still doesn't now. But, anyway, I'm saying without fat on their tiny little bodies their noses might look a little funny. Sorry that your ultrasound wasn't what you expected.
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  • I know I'm lame, but 4d is video, 3d are pics.

    The 4th dimension is time, thus the video. 

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  • Well it was a 4d ultrasound...with pics that came with it. Next time I'll be more descriptive in the title of my post!



  • This makes me soooo happy to hear. That was one of the main issues I had with the pictures..her nose was gigantic! But that makes sense because the rest of her face was very skeletal. Awww..I'm making her sound scary...but the pics were pretty scary looking. I'm thinking of not getting anymore ultrasound pics...I'll just wait until we meet her.


    Thanks for your response! Made me feel better.


  • When I got my 20 week US last time it looked like she had a really big nose and I was worried. She has the most adorable little nose :)

    I wouldn't worry too much.

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  • LOL, I thought that my 2nd ultrasound looked like a pic of an alien...that was at 11 weeks. I'm just going to trust that they look more human the closer to delivery.
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  • that's normal for 18 wk u/s's...I think most people will have the 3/4d u/s's done around 28 wks, b/c then the baby looks more "human".
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  • imagemegd06:
    that's normal for 18 wk u/s's...I think most people will have the 3/4d u/s's done around 28 wks, b/c then the baby looks more "human".

    This...there was a post a while back asking about when to do 3d or 4d u/s and the majority of them said 28 weeks or later since the baby starts putting on fat and looking more like a....well.... baby lol


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  • I had to put the 3d pic away because I kept looking at it and worrying. His face doesn't look human. I can see his eyes, but his nose and mouth are really hard to make out. He looks like a turtle in this picture. I have a low lying anterior placenta and the baby's face was smooshed up against it. A parent at the school I teach at is a tech at an elective u/s place and she offered to give me an u/s for free tomorrow. Hopefully, we will get some better pics.
  • I feel like the 4D pics are especially disturbing. I've never understood it when ppl would say "oh how cute" to something that looks so utterly bizarre lol. You're not alone!
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  • We had one done at 16 weeks and it looks ridiculous and nothing like a baby, IMHO.

    We have a family story about that!  My cousin had one for her son and sent a copy of the picture to her mom who lived across the country.  The picture was so strange looking that her mother started calling the rest of the family to see if they knew what was wrong with the baby so she could be more sensitive to her daughter when she called to say she had received the photos.  As it turned out, there wasn't anything wrong with the baby except that the ultrasound made him look like a lizard or something.

  • Oh My Goodness....all your stories made me laugh out loud and feel so much better. Now I can stop worrying. I'm sure my little one will be amazing to me no matter what.

    But I did learn that if I'm blessed enough to have children in the future...I definitely will get my 2nd trimester ultrasound..BUT ask the doctor to not show me the pictures....With all the things we soon to be mothers have to worry about and focus on...the last thing should be will our baby look like an alien.


    Thanks again ladies.

    Much love to you all and lots of prayers for happy, healthy, adorable babies.



  • I think they all look like old men floating...honestly, they creep me out and I'd never pay to get one done.  My Dr. does have the capability and when I had an u/s on Tues, he kept switching over to 4d...I felt like Sigourney Weaver in Alien.
  • Mine also looked weird. the us tech said it was because the baby has not put on any fat. I didnt ask for one she just did it anyway but oh well she was giving a thumbs up. the regular u/s photos were so cute though.
  • Ok I guess I'm one of the only ones that love her pics! I have one in my siggy.
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  • I did my 4D at 32 weeks with my first, he looked exactly like his pics and we still see the same expression he was making in those pics (he's over 2 now). 18 weeks is a little early for 3D in my opinion. 
  • i loved mine from my 1st pg....thought it was incredible.  not sure when they were taken though as i had a ton of ultrasounds with twins.

    this time, i don't know if we'll even get 3d pics.  if we don't, i'll be disappointed. 

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  • With DD's 18 week anatomy scan they automatically did 3D pictures and DH and I found them creepy.  At our follow up u/s at 27 weeks again we got 3D and I didn't think they looked better even with the added fat.  I thought it was neat on screen but the printed pictures are freaky.  We have one that DD's eye looks like it is popping out of the socket.  Besides the fact that I think all 3D pics make the babies look like they are made out of clay.

    With DS we were told 3D was optional and we had to pay for it. We didn't do it, and I didn't miss it.   

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  • They all look funny because they are still forming. Its normal that the nose is going to look bigger. My friend had one done a few weeks before giving birth and her kiddo looked squished. lol Im sure thats not what she wanted but it looked like someone putting their face on glass. I wouldnt worry about it. The baby will be beautiful and more filled out when born.
  • image1momma:

    to me all U/S pics look like skeletons or aliens



    This! My doctor does not do 3/4D..thankfully.  They scare me.  SIL tried to get me to get one done.  I told her I thoughtthey looked like aliens, and creeped me out.  Then, I find out that she has about 300 pics of her child BEFORE BIRTH.....oops!

  • Haha- I'm sorry I had to chuckle. Your little one has a lot of weight to gain to fill in those cheeks. The 3 D ultrasound is recommended once you are around 28 weeks for that reason. At 18 weeks babies are only skin and bones- you also may not have had enough fluid to get a good picture.

    So no need to be scared! I'm sure your LO will be cute as a chubby button when s/he come out!

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  • I got my 4D sonogram when i was 30 w and it looks wierd my baby forehead looks like its deformed
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